National Event Requirements


Effective immediately, the following items will be MANDATORY to attend all national events as well as any events where you may be travelling with the National Team inside or outside of Canada; this is to ensure the safety of our athletes, the top priority. These items must be completed prior to registration for all events.
Failure to comply will mean you will not be allowed on the competition floor at national competitions and training camps, and you will not be eligible to travel with athletes internationally. 

Mandatory for all coaches:

  • Police Check [From local police, RCMP or Sterling Back Check]
  • Respect in Sport
  • True Sport Clean 101
  • Making Headway

Mandatory for all judges:

  • Police Check
  • Respect in Sport

Mandatory for all IST staff:

  • Police Check

Below are the links to the courses:

Additional Requirements for NT Coaches for eligibility to Major Games:

Additional Resources:

Please submit the required documentation to the relevant program manager at Gymnastics Canada:

Women's Artistic Gymnastics: Amanda Tambakopoulos,
Men's Artistic Gymnastics: Jason Woodnick,
Trampoline Gymnastics: Dillon Richardson,