Nine medals for B.C. athletes at Canada Cup trampoline competition

In the last national meet before qualifications begin for the 2015 Pan American Games next year in Toronto, Olympians Rosie MacLennan and Karen Cockburn resumed dominance in Canada, winning gold and silver on individual trampoline at the Canada Cup from July 24-27.

"I maintained the height and technique I wanted, even though yesterday's prelim routine was stronger," said MacLennan, of King City, Ont. The reigning Canadian and Olympic champion topped the field with a total of 159.505 points.

Cockburn, a three-time Olympic medal winner, scored 153.225 points to clinch the silver medal.

"I'm happy I got to come in and get the results I wanted,” said Cockburn, 33, who returned to national competition in May after taking a 14-month hiatus from the sport to start a family.

"I've lost muscle mass in my legs so jumping high is a challenge, but I've got my style and form back.”

Fellow national team member Samantha Sendel of Aurora, Ont. took the bronze with 152.780.

Medals for B.C.

Gymnastics BC athletes won nine medals including five gold. Leading the way was Shasta's Kyle Carragher who won the men's junior DMT title, added silver in Junior trampoline and bronze with Ben Blais (Shasta) in senior synchro.

Other B.C. highlights:

Jane Harrigan (Shasta): 1st National DMT, 9th Espoir trampoline
Tamara O'Brien (TAG): 1st Senior DMT, 4th Senior tumbling
Danielle Gruber (DEKA): 1st Junior DMT
Taya Clyne (TAG): 6th National DMT, 6th Junior Open tumbling
Tiana Hesmert (Club Aviva): 4th Senior DMT, 7th National Open trampoline
Emily Schmidt (Kamloops): 6th Espoir DMT, 4th Espoir trampoline
Hannah Brown (Shasta): 8th Espoir DMT
Emma Tucker (DEKA): 4th Junior DMT, 6th Junior trampoline
Adele Lefevre (DEKA): 7th Espoir trampoline
Jordyn Yendley (DEKA): 5th National trampoline
Samantha Smith (Okanagan): 4th Senior trampoline
Brittany Falconer (Shasta): 9th Senior trampoline

Jared Khalifa (TAG): 4th Junior DMT, 1st Junior Open tumbling
John Rowden (TAG): 7th Senior DMT, 2nd National Open tumbling
Mario Bruno (Kamloops): 3rd Junior DMT, 5th Junior trampoline
Douglas Armstrong (Flip City): 5th Senior DMT
Duncan Blais (Shasta): 7th Espoir DMT, 5th Espoir trampoline
Tyler Edwards (Shasta): 5th Junior DMT, 4th Junior trampoline
Ben Blais (Shasta): 6th Junior DMT
Curtis Gerein (Okanagan): 8th Senior trampoline

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