Rogers nominated for Rio 2016; Olsen Finishes 3rd AA in Last Day of Qualifiers

Brittany Rogers finished the last day of the Rio Selection Camp with a show-stopping performance on bars, followed by a tearful rejoice that suggested she knew: the 2016 Olympics were in her grasp. The New Westminster native finished 2nd place all-around and soon after was nominated to represent Team Canada at the 2016 Olympic Games this August. Joining Rogers on the team will be Ellie Black of Halifax and Isabela Onyshko of Brandon, MB.

Shallon Olsen put in strong performances on vault and floor once again, placing 3rd in both events to place 3rd in the all-around. With two remaining spots on Team Canada, Olsen still has a chance to fulfill her Olympic dream. The final two athletes will be decided based on a cumulative review of their results in various major competitions, as well as their overall ability to contribute to Team Canada.

The final announcement will be made on Thursday, June 30 at 11 a.m. EST.