Sport Performance Speaker Series

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific is offering a Speaker Series for coaches and elite athletes. Best of all, the events are delivered in webinar format to adapt to your busy schedules. Throughout the summer and fall, Canadian Sport Institute will support the webinars with practical, hands-on workshops for athletes wanting to go further in-depth on sport performance topics. Check out and register for the first three events below:

Recovery Nutrition for Offseason Training

Date: Thursday, May 11th

Presenter: Rebecca Hall, Sport Nutritionist

Location: Whistler Mountain Ski Club & online via webinar

Time: 5:30pm-6:00pm (presentation & webinar); 6:00pm-7:00pm (workshop, in-person only)

How good are you at adapting your fueling and recovery to your different training sessions? Periodized nutrition is all about adjusting your intake to the individual demands of your training.  Nutritional recovery is key and what you do in the hours following training plays an important role in maximizing your adaptions. Training in the summer months brings different challenges. Changes in environment, travel, training schedule and type, differences in volume as well as what is seasonally available.  To learn more about how to adjust your intake and optimize recovery come along to our group presentation.

Athletes and coaches are welcome to join us in person for the presentation only, or join us for both the presentation and workshop. If you’re interested in the workshop, be sure to sign up early as there is only space for 20 athletes. The presentation portion of this event will also be available via live stream webinar.



Navigating Your Academic Path to Personal and Athletic Success

Date: Tuesday, May 23rd  

Presenter: Natalie O’Leary, Game Plan Advisor

Location: Online via webinar

Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Thinking about going to university? Wondering how you can best set yourself up for academic and athletic success? Natalie O’Leary, Game Plan Advisor with both Canadian and NCAA experience will discuss post-secondary options, application procedures, funding opportunities, and how to maintain a positive well-being throughout the entire process.



Recovery: Optimizing Your Individual Plan

Date: Wednesday, June 14th   

Presenter: Melissa Lacroix, Sport Physiologist

Location: Online via webinar

Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Recovery has become increasingly important to the high-performing athlete and their training plan as it aims to reduce fatigue and enhance performance. Considering recovery is an essential part of enhancing training adaptions and decreasing fatigue, it is essential to have an individualized recovery plan built into your training. Recovery is very complex and there are many things to consider when implementing a plan including: the type of training/competition volume, intensity, duration; nutrition; psychological stress; lifestyle, health, and environment.

Melissa Lacroix, CSI Pacific Sport Physiologist, will lead you through a discussion on how to optimize your individual recovery plans. Join her as she introduces you to recommendations around improving your sleep schedule, recovery nutrition, and hydration, along with many other popular recovery methods. Join us to learn the current best practices in recovery for high performance athletes.



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