Team BC selected for National Stream Cup

Team BC for the 2014 National Stream Cup was selected December 14 to 15 at the North Shore Invitational. The team will compete at the 2014 National Stream Cup in Montreal January 17 to 19.

The Team BC members are:

National Open
Itzia San Roman (Vancouver Phoenix)
Kristen Ho (Vancouver Phoenix)
Brianna Henshaw (Flicka)
Jessie Moody (Vancouver Phoenix)
Stephanie Bedry  (Langley)
Hayley Baker (Duncan)
Coaches: Crystal Gilhooly, Joas Bredewout
National Novice
Jaime Fourchalk (Flicka)
Madisen Bedard (Flicka)
Lauren Van Harmelen (Langley)
Allyson Armstrong (Langley)
Haley Biggin (Langley)
Coach: Flaviu Toma
Pre-Noivce Elite
Gabriela Beselt (Okanagan)
Lucia Jakab (Okanagan)
Samantha Fourchalk (Flicka)
Coach: Sergei Chelest

Congratulations to everyone and good-luck at National Stream Cup!