Team BC wins 23 medals at Canadians

Competition at the 2015 Canadian Gymnastics Championships in Calgary wrapped up yesterday. Team BC won 23 individual medals during the event with nine of them gold!

Team BC's senior and junior DMT athletes proved they are among the best in Canada. DEKA's Danielle Gruber and Adele Lefevre won the senior and junior women's competions, while Emily Schmidt (Kamloops) won bronze in the junior event. On the men's side, Kyle Carragher won silver in the senior competition and Joey Humberstone won the junior title.  

Multiple medalists were David Dawson (Club Aviva), Jordyn Yendley (DEKA), Gavin Dodd (Kamloops) and Carragher. 

Team BC medal winners

David Dawson (Club Aviva): 3rd L5 SY; 3rd L5 16U DMT
Danielle Gruber (DEKA): 1st Senior DMT
Adele Lefevre (DEKA): 1st Junior DMT
Emily Welsh (DEKA): 2nd L5 SY
Jordyn Yendley (DEKA): 1st L6 17U DMT; 2nd L5 SY
Owen Armstrong (Flip City): 2nd L5 16U TR
Joey Humerstone (Flip City): 1st Junior DMT
Sandra Poelzer (Flip City): 2nd L6 18+ TR
Gavid Dodd (Kamloops): 3rd L6 17U DMT; 1st L5 15 TU
Emily Schmidt (Kamloops): 3rd Junior DMT
Adin Brenner (Nanaimo): 2nd L6 17U DMT
Trevor Stirling (Okanagan): 3rd Senior DMT
Benjamin Blais (Shasta): 1st Senior SY
Duncan Blais (Shasta): 2nd L5 SY
Kyle Carragher (Shasta): 2nd Junior TR; 2nd Senior DMT; 1st Senior SY
Brittany Falconer (Shasta): 2nd Senior SY
Declan McLean (Shasta): 2nd L5 SY
Tamara O'Brien (Shasta): 1st L6 18+ TR
Poppy Quinlan (Shasta): 2nd Senior SY
Jordan Wilmshurst (Shasta): 1st L6 18+ DMT
Taya Clyne (TAG): 3rd L6 17U DMT
Jared Khalifa (TAG): 2nd Junior TU
Joe Davies (Whistler): 3rd L5 SY

Team BC results | Complete results

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