Organizing a club event

Equipment norms

Equipment norms for both artistic and trampoline gymnastics are in place for GymBC sanctioned events. If a club is unable to meet the requirements, this must be indicated on the sanctioning request form.

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Equipment rental (artistic)

Clubs may rent GBC’s Spieth Anderson equipment for their club competitions.

Equipment available

  • 1 complete set of men’s and women’s equipment (1 floor)
  • One extra set of bars and beam for women’s equipment
  • Free standing frame for all of the above (weights to be provided by the host club)

Cost (all prices are plus GST and PST)

  • Men’s and women’s equipment including one floor: $4,950
  • Women’s equipment only: $3,650
  • Men’s equipment only: $3,650

Gymnastics BC responsibilities

  • Contact club four weeks before the competition to confirm the delivery details and set-up time
  • Supply a set of equipment with appropriate mats
  • GBC representative to supervise set-up, take down and loading of equipment

Host club responsibilities

  • Complete and submit the Gymnastics BC/SA Sport Equipment Rental Agreement by October 15 of the current year.
  • Submit a security deposit ($1,500), dated for the first day of the competition, with the signed rental agreement.
  • Minimum 15 adult volunteers per set of equipment at set up and take down.
  • Any liability or accident claims arising from the meet.
  • Any damaged or missing equipment.
  • All scoring stands, measuring tapes, duct tape and miscellaneous supplies.
  • Modified pieces of equipment (mushroom or other pommel horse equipment for example), mini trampoline, etc.
  • Weights, if free standing equipment is being used.
  • Freight costs, which will be invoiced after the competition, along with the rental feel balance.

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Scoring and results (artistic)

Artistic scoring system

GBC owns an electronic scoring system for artistic gymnastics. This system includes computers at each event, score pads for judges to enter their scores, alpha-numeric displays to display athletes’ scores at each event.

It also includes the operator of the system to run the system during the event.

Junior Olympic scoring

  • JO 1-5 must use the performance based scoring system for any athletes under 7 years. (2009
  • and younger in 2015 season)
  • JO 1-2 has the option to use rankings or performance based scoring for all athletes 7 years
  • and up (2008 and older in 2015 season).
  • JO 3-5 will use ranking system for all athletes 7 years and up. (2008 and older in 2015 season)
  • JO 6-9 will use ranking for all athletes in all age categories. 

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Inviting international competitors 

The Gymnastics Canada sanction form H must be completed for all international activities that will occur in Canada.

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Andrée Montreuil, Technical Director, 604-333-3491,

Chantelle Judd, Administrative Coordinator, 604-333-3495, (ribbon orders)