Using PLAY Gymnastics

Gymnastics BC created the PLAY Gymnastics brand to better market gymnastics to the public. Its goal is to become a comprehensive provincial-local club public relations strategy to position gymnastics as the first activity for children.

PLAY Gymnastics was developed as an ingredient brand. It does not replace GBC’s member club identities. Rather PLAY Gymnastics enhances the club brand - like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

All clubs are encouraged to use the PLAY Gymnastics brand in conjunction with their recreational programming. The logos may be used on websites, forms, brochures, certificates etc. There is also promotional material that can be branded with your brand. And Sammy, one of the PLAY Gymnastics BC mascots, is available to attend club special events.


Vanessa Albert, Communications & Marketing Manager, 604-333-3492,

Keara Hooi, Gymnastics For All Manager, 604-333-3494,