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Gymnastics BC Events

BC Championships.

Gymnastics BC Championships & GymBC Xcel Challenge

The Gymnastics BC Championships and GymBC Xcel Challenge Events are the largest and most prestigious annual gymnastics events in the province. Throughout the course of these competitions, athletes compete for the title of Provincial Champion. 

The BC Championships and Xcel Challenge events are held each spring for artistic, trampoline, compulsory, and Xcel gymnasts.  The events are generally held in March-April, in various communities throughout the province.


Member clubs are encouraged to host the championships with the guidance and support of Gymnastics BC. Although we encourage member clubs to host the WAG artistic optional, MAG and trampoline championships together, clubs can bid to host two separate events.  


The annual GymBC Xcel Challenge will be premiering in 2024. This competition includes Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond categories, allowing Xcel athletes to compete in a higher caliber competition setting. The GymBC Xcel Challenge will be held in tandem with the WAG Compulsory BC Championships event, each year.


As of 2019, Gymnastics BC introduced a new annual provincial championship for athletes who train in the CCP 1, CCP 2, CCP 3, CCP 4 and CCP 5 categories. The WAG Compulsory BC Championships are hosted in late spring each year in various communities around the province as a separate event from the artistic and trampoline championships. The WAG Compulsory BC Championships will be held in tandem with the GymBC Xcel Challenge event, each year.

Why Host The BC Championships & Xcel Challenge?

The BC Championships offer an exciting opportunity for GBC full member clubs to be involved in planning and coordinating these weekend long events. In addition to helping grow and enhance the event, the BC Championships may benefit your club by:

  • Raising your profile among gymnastics providers;
  • Showcasing your club and community;
  • Raising funds for your club; and
  • Establishing a collaborative relationship with Gymnastics BC.

Interested In Hosting An Upcoming BC Championships or GymBC Xcel Challenge Event?

We are currently accepting applications to host the 2026 & 2027 WAG Optional, MAG, and TG Gymnastics BC Championships, the WAG Compulsory BC Championships, and the GymBC Xcel Challenge! Click the button below for more information! Deadline: January 31, 2024

Travel Subsidy

Many athletes that participate in the WAG Optional, MAG, TG Gymnastics BC Championships, Compulsory Gymnastics BC Championships, or the GymBC Xcel Challenge are eligible for funding to offset expenses incurred while travelling to and from the events.  For more information regarding who is eligible and the application process, please click the link below.