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Gymnastics BC Events



Whether your Gymnastics BC member club is hosting an event or meet, you have athletes travelling out of the province or country for a competition, or you have participants taking part in a parade or gymnastics display the event must be sanctioned by GymBC.

Sanctioning A Club Event

Hosting competitive and recreational events are great opportunities to promote gymnastics while providing participants with fun opportunities. All GymBC club events (competitive, Interclub & recreational) MUST be sanctioned by GymBC.  Please note, GymBC does not sanction High School competitions.

GymBC member clubs that wish to host a GymBC sanctioned competitive event must complete and submit a Sanctioned Event Application Form to Gymnastics BC by the May 31 deadline to be considered on time.

Only complete applications, with payment included, will be considered. Applications made by email with no form and/or insufficient payment will not be processed.

As several clubs may request competitions on the same weekend, clubs are strongly encouraged to provide alternate dates for their competitions as first choices cannot be guaranteed. GymBC will notify clubs if weekend selections are highly requested, making suggestions for alternative dates if necessary. It is also recommended that clubs contact other clubs in their zone to discuss dates and to avoid conflicts with other events within their zones.

A three-round bidding process will be implemented for the 2024-25 season, which will govern the submission and allocation of events sanctioned by Gymnastics BC. The three round bidding process aligns with Gymnastics BC’s commitment to creating an efficient and effective event’s calendar that benefits everyone. By enabling clubs to express their preferred event dates early, this framework facilitates informed decision-making and strategic planning. 

In line with our commitment to optimizing operational efficiency and resource allocation, Gymnastics BC introduces a three-round bidding process for clubs seeking event sanctions for the 2024-2025 season. This structured approach aims to streamline the event calendar creation process and empower clubs with timely scheduling information.

Equipment Norms

It is the host club’s responsibility to ensure equipment is set up safely and properly, and to develop and share an emergency plan with the host venue.

Equipment norms for both artistic and trampoline gymnastics are in place for GymBC sanctioned events. If a club is unable to meet the requirements, this must be indicated on the sanctioning request form.

Do you need to rent equipment for your event? Please refer to the GymBC Equipment Rental section below.

GymBC Equipment Rentals

Gymnastics BC member clubs may rent the GymBC / Spieth America equipment for their club competitions.

Gymnastics BC does not rent equipment to non-members.

If you would like to rent GymBC equipment for your event, please submit an Equipment Rental Request Form to GymBC. A $1,500 deposit is required with all equipment rental applications.

Available Equipment

WAG Only (1 trailer) – Single WAG with additional Bar and Beam Set-up with one Floor and one Vault – $3,825 + tax + freight

MAG Only (1 trailer) – Single MAG with one Floor – $3,825 + tax + freight

WAG & MAG (2 trailers) – Single MAG/Single WAG with additional Bar and Beam and two floors – $6,800 + tax + freight

Free Standing (weights to be provided by host club) – $5,200 + tax + freight

Second Artistic Floo(if in addition to a single WAG set-up – 2nd trailer required) – $1,600 + tax + freight 

TG Only (1 trailer) – Trampoline & Tumbling with two Competition Trampolines and End Decks, One Power Tumbling Floor, one Double Mini Trampoline, Equipment Matting and (only) two Landing Zones. – $2,500 + tax + freight

*As we have limited space on the TG Trailer, additional (extra) equipment must be provided by the host club

GymBC Responsibilities
  • Contact club four weeks before the competition to confirm the delivery details and set-up time.
  • Supply a set of equipment with appropriate mats.
  • GymBC representative to supervise set-up, take down and loading of equipment.


Host Club Responsibilities
  • Complete and submit the Gymnastics BC Equipment Rental Agreement (link below) by October 15 of the current year.
  • Submit a security deposit ($1,500), dated for the first day of the competition, with the signed rental agreement.
  • Minimum 15 adult volunteers per set of equipment at set up and take down.
  • Report any liability or accident claims arising from the meet.
  • Report any damaged or missing equipment.
  • Provide all scoring stands, measuring tapes, duct tape and miscellaneous supplies.
  • Modified pieces of equipment (mushroom or other pommel horse equipment for example), mini trampoline, etc.
  • Weights, if free standing equipment is being used.
  • Freight costs, which will be invoiced after the competition, along with the rental feel balance.

Attending Events Outside of BC

Any club, group and/or individual wishing to participate in events outside of BC must complete and submit the Request for Sanction for Competition Outside of British Columbia form (link below) to Gymnastics BC for approval.

All requests must come from a GymBC member club or a national or international-level athlete, coach or judge registered with GymBC as an independent member. Multiple requests can be made with one application.

Permission to travel outside of British Columbia will only be granted to clubs and/or groups who are members in good standing and all traveling participants must be members in good standing with GymBC in order to be covered by GymBC insurance.


Deadlines & Sanction Fees

Applications received less than 30 days prior to departure may not be approved.

Sanction fees:

  • Received 45 days or more before departure: no charge
  • Received between 30 and 45 days before departure: $25
  • Received less than 30 days before departure: $50
  • Received less than 48 hours before departure: $100 (provided GymBC can complete sanction application)

The fee applies per application, not per event. Clubs may apply for sanction for as many events as they wish in a single application.

Should there be a change to an event previously sanctioned (date change, venue change, cancellation), GymBC must be notified and the change will be processed at no additional cost.

Participant lists

Participant lists for each sanctioned event must be submitted to GymBC no less than seven business days before the event. There is no additional charge for participant lists. Changes to the participant list may be also made up to 24 hours prior to the event at no additional cost.

Hosting Events With International Participants

GymCan authorization forms must be completed for all international competitions and activities that will occur in Canada.  Activities include (but are not limited to) events, competitions, training camps, clinics, courses, etc., which include participants from a foreign country.

  • All requests must come from a GymBC member club.
  • Applications will be reviewed and signed by GymBC, sent back to the member club.
  • The application must then be submitted by the GymBC member club to GymCan for approval.

Hosting Gymnastics BC Events

Gymnastics BC events are managed and hosted by GymBC member clubs across the province every year.  The host club manages the event’s organization, including finances, human resources and operations with guidance from Gymnastics BC.

The following Gymnastics BC events are co-hosted and co-managed by Gymnastics BC and a GymBC member club.

  • Ensures a commitment by the event organizer that the event will be conducted in accordance with the FIG, Gymnastics Canada and Gymnastics BC rules.
  • Ensures the event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner.
  • Ensures the recognition of results (provided there is compliance with number 1 above).
  • Ensures that the event meets a standard of quality required for sanctioning by Gymnastics BC.

Yes – GymCan has negotiated a partnership with SOCAN and Re:Sound to minimize the costs of license fees to our member clubs and the sanction fee includes the $5.65 SOCAN fee and $5.65 Re:Sound fee. SOCAN is a Canadian based organization that collects license fees, as set by the Copyright Board of Canada, for the playing or broadcasting live or recorded music. Re:Sound is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their performance rights. 

While SOCAN and Re:Sound may seem similar, they represent different rightsholders. SOCAN represents songwriters and music publishers, while Re:Sound represents performers and record companies. This is why we have to pay tariffs/fees to both organizations. 

Yes – clubs are required to sanction Interclub events with GymBC. The sanctioning policy must be followed but no late fees will be applied. If the events are in conjunction with a competitive sanctioned event, there are no additional fees. Interclub events may occur on the same weekends as competitive events or other Interclub events.

All clubs must inform Gymnastics BC of any out of facility activities to ensure appropriate insurance coverage is available. This may include, but is not limited to, mall displays, parades, performances, demonstrations, hosted competitions).

GymBC ribbons can be ordered here.