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Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage Overview

Insurance Provider: Gameday Insurance (Aviva Insurance Company of Canada)

Broker: EQUA Specialty Risk Partners Corporation

Policy Period: June 30, 2023 – June 30, 2024

General Liability

$10 M per occurrence (including Excess Coverage).
$1 M sub limit on Abuse Claims.
$2 M sub limit on Tenants Legal Liability.
$25 K sub limit on Legal Defense Expenses.

$2,500 Deductible: Property Damage, Bodily Injury, Abuse Coverage, and Legal Defense Expenses.

Directors and Officers

$3 M per occurrence (GymBC Only – this coverage is not provided to Member Clubs)

Sport Accident

Varied coverage limits based on specific treatments and injuries.

Trampoline Coverage

$10 M per occurrence for Competitive programs.
$10 M per occurrence for Recreational Trampoline programs.
$2,500 Deductible: Bodily Injury.

Coverage Details

General Liability Policy

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy

GymBC’s general liability insurance policy protects member clubs and their registered members in the event of a lawsuit. A lawsuit may result from negligence for bodily injury to participants, spectators and other members of the public or to damage to third party property, arising out of GymBC-sanctioned activities. The primary general liability insurance provides coverage up to $10 M per occurrence. The policy will pay the legally obligated settlement or judgment against the insured for compensatory damages in the event of a lawsuit. This coverage also includes legal liability for injury to participants. This policy covers all members of the club, including: executives, managers, coaches, trainers, officials, employees and volunteers who were acting within the scope of their duties on behalf of the member club.

The sub limit on Abuse coverage is $1 Million. GymBC’s staff and Board of Directors previously went through a thorough risk assessment when determining how to balance the cost of the premium, and managing the many types of risk and coverage that GymBC requires.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Policy

This insurance provides the Insured with coverage for claims made as a result of the Insured Party’s wrongful acts including any negligent acts, errors or omissions committed in their insured capacity as a Director, Officer, or trustee, as well as any other matter claimed against them solely by reason of their serving in such insured capacity. This coverage includes Employment Practices Liability Coverage.

  • Limits for GymBC’s D&O policy is $3 M, which does not extend to member clubs.
  • GymBC member clubs have access to $3 M of Errors and Omissions/Wrongful Acts coverage as a part of the General Liability policy that does not include coverage for Employment Practices Liability.
  • GymBC member clubs should obtain their own D&O coverage and can inquire how to do so by contacting

Sport Accident Policy

All individuals registered with Gymnastics BC receive coverage for accidents occurring during classes, practice and competition. This includes participants, coaches, judges, facilitators and supporters. Accident insurance only provides coverage in situations where an injury takes place as a result of an accident during a sanctioned gymnastic activity.

GymBC’s Sport Accident Policy is excess coverage only and does not provide primary medical insurance. It applies over and above coverage provided by government (BC Medical Services Plan – MSP) whether the Insured is enrolled in such a plan or not.

Clubs have a responsibility to report incidents as soon as they happen. These reports will be essential in the event of an insurance claim. GymBC’s incident reporting and accident claim processes are available on the GymBC website. If you have questions, please contact

Insurance Coverage FAQ’S

GymBC’s insurance broker is EQUA Specialty Risk Partners Corporation.

GymBC’s insurance company is Gameday Insurance (Aviva Insurance Company of Canada) 

Incident reports for individuals who are under the age of 19 should be kept until the individual is 21. Incident reports for individuals who are 19 or older must be kept for 7 years.

Forward a copy of the letter to GymBC’s Sport Safety Officer immediately so it can be sent to the insurance company.

Yes, the GymBC insurance policy allows clubs to participate in activities outside of the club, including mall displays, parades, performances, demonstrations, hosted competitions, awards banquets, and fundraising activities, etc. Please make a request to obtain a certificate of insurance at least 14 days prior to the activity.

No, GymBC’s insurance policy does not include property coverage. If your member club would like to obtain property coverage, please contact GymBC’s Sport Safety Officer.

No, GymBC’s insurance policy does not include travel medical insurance (travel medical insurance pays for emergency medical expenses during a trip). However, individuals that are current members of GymBC (in good standing) are covered under GymBC’s accident policy while on the field of play only, provided the event they are attending has been sanctioned by GymBC for events located in Canada, and both GymBC AND GymCan for out of country events. See Travel Policy for Out-Of-Province Sanctioned Events

Programming Activity

GymBC Coverage

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (Competitive)


Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (Competitive)


Trampoline Gymnastics (including Tumbling and DMT) (Competitive)


Interclub Artistic and Trampoline Gymnastics (Competitive)


Acrobatic Gymnastics (Competitive)


Recreational Artistic Gymnastics:

·       Active Start, School Age, Teen

·       Adult Gymnastics

·       Adaptive/Inclusive Programs 

·       Recreational Parkour

·       Performance Gymnastics (commonly known as “Gymnaestrada“)

·       Recreational Cheerleading

·       Recreational Acrobatic Gymnastics


Indoor Parkour:
Class curriculum must be limited to the WFPF Levels 1 + 2 course content and supported by NCCP Foundations and Competition 1 Artistic content

Covered (no coverage for trampoline activities)

Outdoor Parkour

Not covered

Aerials (Silks, Hoops, Static Trapeze, Cord, Hammock, Self-Made Apparatuses etc.)

Not covered

Circus Arts

Clubs that offer circus programming need to obtain coverage for their club. Contact for more information.

Not covered

Birthday Parties, field trips, etc. Covered

Sleepovers are considered non-gymnastics activities and are not covered or allowed under GymBC’s insurance policy. Sleepovers can put athletes, coaches, and other participants in vulnerable positions that make it very difficult to follow Safe Sport guidelines.

Reasonable low-risk camp activities are covered as long as all participants are registered and are performing these activities with a GymBC-registered coach.

Low-risk camp activities include arts and crafts, going to the park, or other low risk seasonal sport-related activities at an introductory level such as soccer, basketball, tag games, etc.

Non-gymnastics activities of high risk are not covered and require additional insurance coverage or approval by EQUA.

High-risk activities include rock or wall climbing, swimming, diving, football, roller-blading, wake boarding, snowboarding, and more.

If you are unsure if an activity is covered, assume the activity is not covered and follow-up by contacting GymBC's Sport Safety Officer for approval or add insurance coverage from EQUA.