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Gymnastics BC Safe Sport

GymCan Suspended & Expelled Members.

Suspended & Expelled Individuals

Membership with Gymnastics Canada (GymCan), and its provincial and territorial associations, is a privilege and all members must commit to creating, maintaining, and fostering a safe, positive, and inclusive environment for all participants. Privilege of membership may be suspended or permanently withdrawn if a member is found to have breached any of GymCan’s Safe Sport Policies following the relevant and applicable disciplinary process. In addition, suspensions may include reinstatement conditions imposed by a discipline panel which must be fulfilled before membership privileges may be reinstated.

Membership may also be provisionally withdrawn or restricted pending an investigation if credible allegations of a sufficiently serious nature are reported. In these circumstances, provisional suspensions are not a finding of misconduct and should not be interpreted as such. Upon completion of the investigation, and disciplinary process, if conducted, the status of the member will be updated to reflect the outcome of the proceedings.

The webpage linked below contains a pdf file of a list of individuals who have been suspended or expelled by GymCan and/or its provincial or territorial associations. The list is not intended to be a complete historical record of current or past members who have been suspended or expelled. Instead, it serves as a list of current or past members who are suspended at the present time or expelled from membership. When a suspension has been served and any additional probationary or educational measures have been fulfilled, the member will be categorized as Suspension Complete.