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Gymnastics BC Membership

Transfer to a New Club.

Athlete and/or Coach Transfers


Competitive Athlete

An athlete may register with a new club after the following conditions have been met:

  • The new club has notified GymBC and the current club, by email; and
  • The current club approves the transfer within 10 days; or
  • 10 days have elapsed after notification of the transfer request was submitted and the current club did not provide a response.

After these conditions have been met, GymBC will register the athlete with the new club.

IF the athlete's current club believes them to be in bad standing

i.e. the athlete has an outstanding financial obligation to the club, then the club must notify GymBC and the athlete within 10 days of receiving the transfer request. Upon receipt of this notification, GymBC will inform the new club that the athlete cannot be registered with them until:

  • The athlete meets their financial obligation(s) to the former club; or
  • If disputed, the matter is resolved by way of mediation, negotiation or other legal process.

Until the matter is resolved, the athlete will be considered as an independent athlete and the following conditions will apply: 

  • The athlete may train at any GymBC member club.
  • The independent athlete will remain insured until the end of the current membership year.
  • Should the matter be unresolved beyond the current registration year, the athlete must register in the new registration year directly with GymBC as an independent athlete.
  • In order to compete in any sanctioned competition, an independent athlete must pay the event host's registration fee and an administration fee of $200 to GymBC prior to each competition / event (see Independent Athlete Competition / Event Admin Fee form).
    • After the matter has been resolved, GymBC will have discretion to reimburse any administration fees that were paid, on a case-by-case basis.
  • See Independent Athletes for more details.

After the transfer requirements have been resolved, the former club must immediately notify GymBC by email, at which time GymBC will notify the new club. GymBC will then register the athlete with their new club.

Any GymBC member club that contravenes any part of this policy may be fined up to $500 by GymBC.



Coaches may change clubs without restriction, however, please notify GymBC by email if a coach departs your club.