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Gymnastics BC Governance


Technical Committees

Gymnastics BC has four technical committees:

  1. Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG),
  2. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG),
  3. Trampoline Gymnastics (TG), and
  4. Gymnastics for All (GFA).

Each are constituted to be accountable to the board and the membership.

Each technical committee is responsible for the technical regulations, programs and services for each discipline. They work with the membership and staff to support the development and growth of gymnastics in BC.

Each chair is a member of the Gymnastics BC Board of Directors, elected by the membership at the applicable technical assembly.

Committee Members

MAG Program Coordinator: Thorstein Fischer

Committee Members

WAG Program Coordinator: Momona Komagata

Provincial Performance Advisor: Jared Goad

Chair: Lisa Laundry

Secretary/Judging Assignments: Kerrie Turner

Online Communications/Judges Cup/Treasurer: Adriana Schemel

Assessment Coordinator: Anna Mataganova

New Judge Mentor: Cyndi Fairbrother

HP Liaison: Gordon Bennett

Xcel Lead: Kaitlynn Ellis

GymBC Rep, Education, Club/Judge Mentor: Bobbie Worrall

  • To contact the Women’s Judging Committee (WJC) please email the WJC Chair.
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Committee Members

Provincial Program Advisor: Jason Burnett

TG Program Coordinator: Sandra Poelzer, and Debbie McBoyle - until Dec 31, 2023

Committee Members

Recreation Program Manager: Taphatna Duncan

Standing Committees

Gymnastics BC has three standing committees:

  1. Finance Committee, 
  2. Personnel Committee, 
  3. Governance Committee, and the
  4. Awards & Scholarships Committee. 

Each standing committees supports the work of the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors all financial matters of Gymnastics BC. The committee delivers all fiscal reports for the Board of Director meetings and AGM’s.

Finance and Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee monitors all human resource including staffing levels of Gymnastics BC. 

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee supports on all matters of governance, and provides recommendations to the board and the membership on Constitutions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations. The committee also provides oversight and supports compliance to the membership on internal regulatory matters.

Awards & Scholarships Committee

The Awards & Scholarships Committee assists in decisions pertaining to the annual GymBC Awards & Scholarships event. This includes the selection of the scholarship recipients and Gymnastics for All award winners.

Regional Zones


Zone 1

Amy Lockhart
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Zone 2

Heather Ivanitz
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Fraser Valley

Zone 3

Kris Krunick
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Fraser River

Zone 4

Bobbie Worrall
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Zone 5

Jennifer Dober
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Kristina Sharp
Email Kristina

Vancouver Island-Central Coast

Zone 6

Lucas Tiefenbach
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North West

Zone 7

Lara Collingwood
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Cariboo – North East

Zone 8

Chantelle Yates
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