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2023 Gymnastics BC AGM Recap

OCTOBER 19, 2023

The 2023 Gymnastics BC Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on October 15th at the Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel. This annual gathering brought together members and participants both in person and via ZOOM to discuss various topics, review reports, approve audited financial statements, and elect new Directors to serve on the board. 34 GymBC member clubs were represented at this year’s AGM.

The presentation and acceptance of the 2022-23 annual report was highlighted. The report showcases growth in membership and coaches, along with ongoing commitment to safe sport practices and risk management strategies. Recognition and thanks were extended to members, coaches, administrators, and outgoing board members. Click here to view and read the 2023 Gymnastics BC Annual Report.

Up to three Director-at-Large positions were open for election to join the Gymnastics BC Board of Directors. Two nominations were received by the submission deadline with Chantelle Yates and Nicole Beauregard, both elected by acclamation. Livia Lau whose appointment as Director at Large was confirmed along with June Tiefenbach who has offered to serve the remainder of the term vacant from the previous year’s election cycle. Congratulations and welcome to the Gymnastics BC Board of Directors!

The meeting was marked by a sense of community and collaboration as members and participants discussed the state of gymnastics in British Columbia, recognized the dedication of board members and staff, and elected new leaders to guide the organization for the year. Thank you to those who joined us for the 2023 GymBC AGM!

As per GymBC’s bylaws, the new board meet shortly after the conclusion of the AGM and elected the Jennifer Lyster to serve as Chair and Chantelle Yates as Vice Chair.

Gymnastics BC Board of Directors for 2023-24
  • Jennifer Lyster (elected 2022, AGM) 2nd term – Chair
  • Chantelle Yates (elected 2023, AGM) 2nd term – Vice Chair
  • Nicole Beauregard (elected 2023, AGM) 1st term – Director-at-Large
  • Jesse Jakins (elected 2023, WAG assembly) – WTC Chair
  • Michael Hood (elected 2023, MAG assembly) – MTC Chair
  • Jill Drake (elected 2023, TG assembly) – TGTC Chair
  • Catou Tyler (elected 2023, GFA assembly) – GFAC Chair
  • Brandon Jung (appointed 2023, AGM) 1st term – Director-at-Large
  • Livia Lau (appointed 2023, AGM) 1st term – Director-at-Large
  • June Tiefenbach (appointed 2023, AGM) 1st term – Director-at-Large

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