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BC Earns 38 Medals At The 2022 Artistic Canadian Championships

JUNE 13, 2022

BC Earns 38 medals At the Artistic Canadian Championships

The WAG and MAG athletes of Team BC had an outstanding showing at the 2022 Artistic Canadian Championships, which were held from May 26-30th at the Richmond Olympic Oval. 

Notable accomplishments from our WAG Team include: 

HP Junior: Makenzie Grant (Phoenix): VT Bronze

HP Senior: Sydney Turner (TAG): UB Silver; Shallon Olsen (Flicka): VT Gold; Jordanna Phillis (Phoenix): VT Bronze

CCP9 JR: Team BC Silver. Emily Kim (TAG): AA Gold, BB Gold, FX Gold; Abby Schmidt (Aviva): AA Silver, BB Silver, FX Silver; Amelie Shea (Twisters): VT Bronze

CCP9 SR: Team BC 4th. Gabriela Hoolsema (Delta): FX Silver, Mylah Vanden-Elsen (Nanaimo): VT Silver

CCP10 JR: Team BC 4th. Becca Mitchell (TAG): AA Silver; Sienna Fretwell (TAG): FX Silver

CCP10 SR: Team BC Silver. Kennedy Duke (TAG): AA Gold, VT Gold, FX Bronze; Angelique Gates (Phoenix): BB Bronze; Elizabeth Noble (TAG): VT Silver, FX Gold

Notable accomplishments from our MAG Team are as follows:

JR: Team BC Bronze (Aiden Gonzalez, Alec Ikeda, Blake Morfitt, Connor Fielding, Ethan Ikeda, Owen Fielding)

JR: Kai Iwaasa (Phoenix): AA Bronze, FX Gold, SR Gold, VT Gold; Ethan Ikeda (Twisters): PH Gold

Elite 4: Reuben Dykstra (LGF): FX Gold, PH Gold, SR Bronze, PB Gold, HB Gold; Onew Jeong (LGF): PH Silver, VT Bronze, PB Bronze; Ethan Lee (LGF): VT Silver

A huge congratulations to all athletes, and heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated coaches, clubs and volunteers for helping to run a successful event! 

Full Team BC WAG Results can be found HERE.

Full event results can be found by clicking HERE and filtering as desired.  

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