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Committee Review And Alignment Project Survey

OCTOBER 27, 2022

GymBC launches review of Technical Committees and is inviting individuals to participate in an initial survey

GymBC in undertaking a review of the current technical committee structure to ensure the organization is positioned for continued success in the future.  We are committed to being a leading sport organization, who is recognized for its strong programs and services that serve members of our community.  GymBC understand the importance of having leadership in place that exemplifies good governance and operational excellence.  The Committee Review and Alignment Project is an example of this commitment to our sport and community.

The desired outcomes for the Committee Review and Alignment Project include:

  • Committee structure that is able to enhance the decision-making processes of GymBC to support informed decision making that is in the best interest of gymnastics in British Columbia (BC);
  • Increased clarity of roles and responsibilities, including a clear understanding of authority, scope of work, how work is completed and how the committee is accountable;
  • Increased alignment and consistency between the four (4) Technical Committee structures;
  • Committee members, including the Chair and appointed staff have the tools, resources and skills to effectively perform their roles and meet the mandate of their committees;
  • A process for leadership continuity is created to support the identification, onboarding, evaluation and succession planning of committee members.

The Technical Committee Review and Alignment Project encompasses all four (4) Technical Committees – Women’s Technical Committee (WTC), Men’s Technical Committee (MTC), Trampoline Gymnastics Technical Committee (TGTC) and Gymnastics for All Committee (GFAC). 

GymBC has identified a Leadership Working Group (LWG) to help guide this process who will provide regular updates to the membership and stakeholders on the website, through email communication, through committee updates and other communication methods.  Members of the LWG include:  the four Technical Committee Chairs, GymBC Chief Executive Officer, GymBC Business Development & Events Manager with support from a Sport Law facilitator.

GymBC is committed to engaging with our membership and stakeholders to gather information to help inform the Committee Review and Alignment Project.  Engagement activities will include a targeted survey, focus groups with individual committees and interviews with identified stakeholders.  We recognize that when an organization reviews or looks to shift how we are currently structured and designed that it can create uncertainty with our stakeholders and that change can impact different groups in different ways.  Including our stakeholders in the process and keeping you informed will remain a priority for GymBC.

The first step in our data collection phase is the targeted survey. The survey will be used to collect information from a broad base of stakeholders who have an understanding of the Technical Committee(s) and/or may be impacted by the decisions of the Technical Committee(s). 

Findings from the survey will be compiled into a summary report. The information gathered will help inform the creation and design of the focus groups and key informant interviews. This report will be provided to the LWG to help inform decisions/recommendations as it relates to the intent of the Committee Review and Alignment Project. 

GymBC is working with Sport Law to help guide and facilitate this important review.  It is anticipated that the review will be completed in February 2023.  Recommendations adopted through the review will begin to be implemented in March and April of 2023.

GymBC is inviting any individual who would like to contribute their ideas, feedback and suggestions on the Technical Committees to complete this survey.  The survey should take 15-20 minutes to complete depending on how much detail you want to add.  The survey is being conducting by Sport Law to ensure anonymity and we hope you will provide as much honest feedback as you can. 

GymBC Committee Review and Alignment Project – Survey

Deadline for completing the survey is Friday, November 18, 2022.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to supporting Gymnastics in BC.


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