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Entering Phase 3: Progressively Loosen

AUGUST 25, 2020


Yesterday, Minister Lisa Beare announced that the BC sport sector is now moving to Phase 3: Progressively Loosen. viaSport’s Return to Sport document has been updated accordingly, and is available online.

As we move forward, clubs may introduce more activities to their members, while continuing to prioritize the safety of all involved. Gymnastics BC’s Return to Sport Plan has been revised to reflect the transition into phase 3.

The focus during the transition to loosen restrictions is to carefully increase the number of contacts and contact intensity in sport. Competitions will slowly be reintroduced and GBC will provide additional information as the competition season approaches this fall.

Contact Tracing
viaSport’s revised plan includes new requirements. For contact tracing purposes, if sport organizations are not the owner or operator of the sport facility, they must provide the facility operator with the first and last names and telephone number, or email address of all participants.

If the sport organization is the owner or operator of the facility, it must maintain its own contact tracing records.

Read the Ministerial Order for more details.

GBC is pleased to announce that through ongoing advocacy with the government and viaSport, spotting is now permitted in GBC member clubs, with specific requirements.

For further information, see GBC’s updated Return to Sport Plan.

Cohorts and Physical Distancing
In sport, a cohort is a group of participants who primarily interact with each other over an extended period of time (i.e. a series of events). Effective August 24, 2020, sport cohorts of up to 100 individuals are now in effect.

For further information and requirements regarding cohorts, please review GBC’s Return to Sport Plan.

Please note: Although viaSport guidelines currently permit regional competitions, GBC’s competition season is not currently underway. GBC will provide additional information later this fall, as the competition season approaches.

Changes in Trampoline Coaching Certification Requirements
Previously, in order to have athletes use trampoline apparatus’, Artistic coaches needed to be Foundations-level certified and supervised by Level 2 trampoline coaches.

Moving forward, GBC is happy to share that a NCCP Competition 1 Artistic certified coach can use the trampoline with their competitive artistic athletes, without a Level 2 trampoline certified coach needing to provide indirect supervision.

To coach artistic recreational members on trampoline, coaches must be Competition 1 Artistic certified, without a Level 2 trampoline certified coach needing to provide indirect supervision; or, they must be Foundations Trampoline trained, and supervised by a Competition 1 Artistic certified coach or Level 2 trampoline certified coach.

For more information, please email

Our Commitment to You
At GBC, we are committed to providing you with up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available.

For more information on entering phase 3, please review:

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If you have questions or comments regarding this announcement or the revised plans, please email

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