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GymBC GFA Feature – Tessa Marshall

JUNE 26, 2023

essa Marshall, a bright and lively 9-year-old who turns 10 in August, is making waves in the gymnastics world through her dedication and passion for Gymnastics for All (GFA) at VIP Gymsports, in Nanaimo. Tessa’s remarkable journey reflects her commitment to various activities, her admiration for fellow athletes, and her unwavering enthusiasm for gymnastics.

Starting her gymnastics adventure at the age of 4, Tessa’s initial interest took a brief hiatus but was rekindled when she was 7. Currently engaged in GFA programs, Tessa frequents the gym twice a week, regularly, and also participates in extra classes such as Gymnaestrada and drop-in sessions. In fact, Tessa finds immense joy in performing her Gymnaestrada routine, which allows her to showcase her skills and express her creativity. She was thrilled to be part of BC Gymnaestrada this year, and performed her routine alongside her teammates, which was inspired by the popular series, High School Musical, one of Tessa’s all-time favourites. Among the characters, Sharpay is her ultimate idol. However, Tessa’s active lifestyle doesn’t end here. Juggling her love for gymnastics, she also participates in after-school activities such as softball and rugby, making Thursdays an action-packed day for this spirited young athlete!

When asked about her passion for gymnastics,

Tessa lights up, showcasing her vibrant personality, and emphasizing the laughter and happiness that fills the gym. To her, it is a “wholesome place” where friendships flourish, and everyone is kind. Tessa looks up to the older athletes at the gym, stating that they are “so awesome and really good at what they do.” Tessa has formed a close-knit group of friends from both school and gymnastics, enhancing the sense of community that Gymnastics for All fosters. 

Looking ahead to the future, Tessa dreams of becoming a veterinarian while also fostering a fascination for Navy Seal Training. Tessa’s father, Roger Marshall, encourages Tessa to explore limitless possibilities, inspiring her to “be whatever she wants, and embrace empowerment.” One of Tessa’s favourite pieces of literature is “Way of the Warrior Kid” by Jocko Willink, a former Navy seal.

Beyond her passion for gymnastics, Tessa indulges in her favourite meal of rice and butter chicken with cucumbers, and her adoration for animals, especially those belonging to the dog family, shines through her warm smile. Turquoise, purple, and blue top her list of preferred colours, reflecting her vibrant and adventurous nature.

Tessa wholeheartedly encourages others to embark on their own gymnastics journey, highlighting the fun, exercise, and incredible friendships that await. With her boundless energy and kind-hearted spirit, Tessa Marshall serves as an inspiration to young athletes and an embodiment of the close-knit and supportive Gymnastics for All community.

Whether she’s showcasing her Gymnaestrada routine, practicing her front handsprings off the beam, or spreading laughter among friends, Tessa Marshall radiates joy, enthusiasm, and a genuine love for gymnastics—a testament to the positive impact this remarkable sport can have on young lives.

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