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Launch Of SafeSport Gym Education


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Vancouver, BC (September 6, 2023) — Gymnastics BC (GymBC) and the Provincial and Territorial Gymnastics Sport organizations across Canada are pleased to announce the launch of SafeSport Gym Education. 

SafeSport Gym Education is a collection of gymnastics organizations from across the country who worked hard to create documentary style videos to share what safe sport means from real people. Completely unscripted from real athletes, real coaches and real parents.  This is a collection of moments, feelings and stories to educate us all.

“I think it is so important we are talking about safe sport and we are implementing things,” comments Olympian, Ellie Black. “I think there is a long way to go and we are working really hard on this but this is the number one (1) priority; to make sure kids are safe and they don’t have to worry about anything else.”  

As leaders in Safe Sport, GymBC works to diligently deliver positive gymnastics experiences for province wide participation at all levels. Our dedicated group has collaborated our efforts to educate athletes, parents, support staff, and coaches about what safe sport means in a way that is positive and engaging. 

“This project represents a whole new approach to promoting and ensuring safe environments and practices are established and maintained in our sport. It speaks to what “safe” really means and defines what is acceptable in any sport setting,” stated Nigel Loring, CEO, Gymnastics BC. “It gives voice to those who are directly impacted and influenced by what happens. More importantly, it empowers everyone, regardless of role, age, stage, ability, background or orientation to take responsibility for safeguarding each other. Consider Safe Sport as a conversation – one that we all need to participate in as a crucial investment for a positive and productive future for sport… and it starts here,” commented Loring.

“As a parent, I’m looking at my child to ensure they are enjoying what they are doing because they want to do it,” said Louis Bloom, parent.

Our collective message that “Safe Sport is Everyone’s Responsibility” is just that – Inviting everyone into this conversation and including; encouraging them to engage with their peers, their family, their coaches in what we hope will bring Safe Sport out of the shadows and into a brighter space where we all share in improving our collective understanding, acceptance, tolerance and resilience.  

“It’s really important to build that trust because without that, the athlete doesn’t feel safe,” remarks Raymond Smith, Club Coach.  “And without the athlete feeling safe, I have failed my job.”

“These videos will be integral in the onboarding of new and returning athletes, coaches, support staff and parents at the start of the gymnastics season and throughout the year,” notes Robin McDougall, Executive Director, Alberta Gymnastics Federation. “They can be watched as a group of peers, with families, as a team and also individually, easily accommodating any safe environment for all viewers. These videos are a great addition to our current and ever-evolving tools to educate all of their responsibility with Safe Sport.” 

Link to SafeSport Gym Education Website

About SafeSport Gym Education
SafeSport Gym Education is a collaboration among gymnastics organizations across Canada. A dedicated group showing their support and effort to educate athletes, parents, support staff, and coaches about what safe sport means in a way that is positive and engaging. These videos were created with the athlete in mind and was a project every athlete, coach and parent volunteered their time to be a part of. 

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