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Thrilling Success And Team Spirit At The 2023 TG Canadian Championships

JULY 26, 2023

The 2023 Trampoline Gymnastics Canadian Championships, hosted by Gymnastics Canada, proved to be an unforgettable event that celebrated the remarkable talent and team spirit of trampoline gymnasts (TG) from across the country. Held at the Butterdome in Edmonton from July 18 to 23, the championships showcased the dedication and hard work of the entire Team BC TG team.

A formidable team of athletes, coaches, judges, and managers represented the province at the prestigious championships. Their collective efforts and unwavering support were evident throughout the event, making a significant impact on the overall success and vibrant atmosphere.

Gabby Flynn, from Shasta Trampoline Club, secured an impressive three gold medals in Senior Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline (DMT), and Synchronized events. Hayden Good from Club Aviva showcased versatility and skill, earning two silver medals and one bronze.

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of a new GymCan special award, the Tamara O’Brien DMT Award, which honored both Gabby Flynn and Gavin Dodd from Kamloops Gymnastics Trampoline Centre for their outstanding performances in the Double-Mini Trampoline discipline. This recognition was a testament to their hard work and dedication to their craft.

Furthermore, the the GymCan special awards ceremony acknowledged other outstanding performances. Gavin Dodd was named the Senior Men DMT Athlete of the Year, and Gabby Flynn was named as the Senior Women DMT Athlete of the Year. Brooklyn Lee McMeeken from Club Aviva received well-deserved recognition as the Junior Women DMT Athlete of the Year, adding to the pride and joy of Team BC.

Gymnastics BC stands tall, proud of the collective accomplishments of these athletes and the supportive network that rallied behind them. The championships were not solely about individual achievements but also about unity, sportsmanship, and the love for trampoline gymnastics.

Full results can be found here. 

Gymnastics BC expresses heartfelt congratulations to all the participants who represented the province with dedication and passion. The success of the 2023 Canadian Trampoline Gymnastics Championships would not have been possible without the contributions of each member of Team BC. Together, they have set a shining example for aspiring gymnasts and reaffirmed the importance of teamwork and mutual support in achieving excellence in sports.

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